About Me

I have gained an appropriate university degree not only in the field of finance,such asaccounting and banking, but also in business administration. These areas are mutually complementary and are directly related. Therefore, studying these areas allowed me to gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in the field of finance and business administration.

I have accumulated many years of experience working in Lithuanian banking sector. As I workedduring the 1998–1999 Russian financial crisis, I saw what consequencesbusinesses andfinancial institutions faced, how theyoperated under arbitrary economic conditionsin 2004–2008, andwhatpost-crisis consequences and financial losses they experienced. In recent times, I have worked as a financial broker under circumstances brought by the perpetual global economic crisis.

I consider myself a "freebanker" or a "banker for the clients" since the honest cooperation I offer is based solely on meetingyour needsandrepresenting your interestsin financial institutions. Sincethe majority of sales employees working in financial institutionshave gotfixed annual commercial targets, their agenda is determined not by clients but rather by internal departmentemployees. As a result,retaining clients andgaining insight into their needsis oftenneglected. On the other hand, my position as a financial broker enables me to operateand plan myagendapersonally, whiletaking the client’s needs andthe task completion time into consideration. Whereasa financial institution’s employeesalways receive salaries, regardless ofthe efficiency of their work, as a financial broker Ireceive commission fees on a contractual basisandonly in cases when a positive result has been achieved.Therefore, my primary concern is achievingthe maximum benefit for the clientby consulting them within the shortest time frame onthe selection of appropriate financing method, its priceand tariffs, the ratio ofrisk assumed andprice paidas well asconsequences the may arise in the event of the project’s failure. I take orders from the client only after the initial assessment of their financial situation and funding needs and when I can guarantee that the task will be performed. Clients place considerably larger significance on a prompt decline than the one that comes after two months.

I provide my financial brokerage services in accordance with self-employment certificate. This enables me toconcentrate on addressing yourfinancing needs, rather thandeal withunrelated administrative. My remuneration does not take into account theadministrative costs, such asoffice rent, administrator`s salary, advertising expenditures, etc., since Ispend most of my time communicating with the clientin their office, business locationsand within financial institutions.

I greatly value the code of professional ethics. Therefore,my reputation as a "free banker" guarantees that both the client`s and the financial institution’s financial information is kept confidentially.

Having tried my financial brokerage services once, the majority of clients generally continues using them and recommendsthemto other partners. Information about financial brokerage services is passed between clients by word of mouth.

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